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Welcome to our Ministries page!  Here you can read about the different ministries that our church uses to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Ministry is the heart of our church. Everything that we do ministers to the needs of  our congregation, those in the local community, and throughout the world.  From our more "formal" programs like Sunday and Wednesday worship, Bible study and prayer meetings, Sunday School and organized children's and youth programs to "informal" gatherings like our Friday Night Fellowships, Mens breakfasts and Ladies dinners we minister to those attending our church. 
Through our support of world-wide missions, missionaries, and Christian organizations, we minister to the world by spreading the message of Salvation through Jesus Christ.  We also have our Pastor's messages on the website so that anyone, anywhere in the world, can read or listen to the messages God has inspired our Pastor to deliver.
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 In-House Ministries
Some of our ministries, like our support of missions and missionaries are "world-wide."  Click here to read about the missions, missionaries and Christian organizations we support.
We also use the Internet to spread God's Word.  We make our Pastor's messages available on this website so that everyone who visits can read or listen to the King James Version Bible inspired messages from our Pastor.  Click here to go to the page where Pastor's sermons live.
Our informal ministries provide a needed "break" from the secular world.  We hold various "get togethers" for members on a monthly basis for Christian fellowship:
  • One Friday night each month, one of our members hosts a "Friday Night Fellowship" at their home or in our Fellowship Hall.  Here, everyone brings a "finger food" dish to snack on.  We have a time of prayer and Bible study, eat, and enjoy good Christian fellowship.  More than likely, at least one of our members has brought a musical instrument, so we sing as a group and allow those members who want to "make a joyful noise unto the Lord" to do so, accompanied by whoever has brought their instruments.
  • One Saturday each month, the men get together for breakfast at one of our local eaterys.  After asking for a blessing on the food, the men share testimonies, discuss how to strengthen and grow our church, and generally rejoice in Christian fellowship.
  • Not to be out done, one Thursday each month, the church Ladies get together for a dinner to discuss how they can better serve the Lord and our church while enjoying good Christian fellowship and prayer as only ladies of the church can. 
  • On any Sunday in which there are five Sundays, we get together for a "Fifth Sunday Sing."  After Sunday Morning Worship, we retreat to the Fellowship Hall for a potluck lunch, then return to the Sanctuary for an hour or so of singing and praise worship.